Attendance & Allowances Tracking

Traditional Modal and challenges

Timecard machine

Employee either using digital time card card machine to track working hours. It’s cheap but always incur high administrative cost when need to calculate OT, lateness, undertime clocking and other conditional allowances entitlement. It’s also prone to error due to manual calculation.

Biometric Fingerprint machine

Companies with strong financial backed, they invested thousands and millions dollars, months to implement a full suite attendance tracking solution which integrate with available ERP (Oracle, SAP, Sage and etc). Nearly 90% of the budget spent on engaging consultants, network engineers and infrastructures, servers, high recurring maintenance cost. Most companies cannot afford for such integrated solution. End up much effort wasted to support the operation.

New modal of attendance tracking

We truly understand the corporate’s challenges. That’s why we design the solution to work 100% on cloud, fully integrated with our HCM product to automate all the allowances and OT calculations. Our solution run on Google Cloud and required ZERO infrastructure and server cost. Not required a single biometric fingerprint devices or other integration partners. The only important tracking detail required, is piece of QR code generated in a secured environment.

Plant/Sites Clocking and Tracking

Organization can produce as many QR tracking code to track employees working in different plants without spending a single cent.

As per our implement experience, we deployed 24 project sites for a client within 5 minutes, RM0 additional cost required. The same requirement might incur additional RM10,000 and takes 2 weeks of implementation for any market available vendors.

Support any Allowances formulas & OT rules

To keep company competitive, we allow our clients to introduce any varieties of allowances and OT. Depends on market’s need, our consultant work hand in hand with clients to automate all the allowances (e.g. meal allowance, night shift allowance and etc.) and OT formulas with our robust calculation engine.

Payslip Integration

Allowances and OT calculated will be reflect under employees’ payslips, in detail. Hence, administrators save hundreds of hours explain to workers every month. Once the workflows are configured, majority of the HR operations will be automated.

Allowances and OT calculate automatically and reflect in Employee’s Payslip

With so much improvement with our attendance tracking solution, business owner can focus on generate more profit and administrators can improve employee engagement! We are very confident to see your company growth with our best solution!

Features Detail

  • Secured QR code tracking with NO additional cost
  • Automated/Rule based Allowance & OT calculation
  • Dynamic OT rate (based on employee hourly salary)
  • Multiple OT rate supported (OT1.0, OT1.5, OT2.0, OT2.5, OT3.0)
  • Work Schedule and Shift integration
  • Dynamic OT & Allowance Payout Cycle
  • Smart OT exclusion on break times
  • Attendance Fraud Prevention (avoid buddy clocking, GPS location tracking, authenticated clocking)
  • Attendance Reports (inconsistent clocking, attendance detail report)
  • Attendance Tracking (Lateness, Undertime clocking, OT rules)
  • Payslip Integration