HCM – Payroll

Manual calculation of monthly payroll are tedious and prone to errors. Worse it could lead to Statutory violation can causing penalty. Our robust acHCM Payroll engine is designed and widely used by clients to avoid such incidents. It’s designed to run Malaysia Payroll with pre-configured elements, EPF, SOCSO, EIS and others. Employee able to view payslips via smartphone without any app installation.

The monthly payroll calculation process can be further streamlined by automate company specific allowances (e.g. Unpaid Leave, OT rules, misc allowances).


  • Support Monthly Rated, Daily Rated employees
  • Statutory requirements complied. (e.g. EPF, SOCSO, EIS)
  • Integration with company specific earning/deduction
    • Unpaid Leave
    • Phone claim
    • Taxi Claim
    • OT1.5, OT2.0 & etc.
    • Night Shift Allowances & etc.
  • Mobile Payslip/E-Payslip
  • Advanced Payout Tracking and Salary Clawback

HCM Overview