Improve customer experience (CX) and engagement by deploy a “Helpdesk” community to your organization at NO cost*. With customer pool, which interact with each other, it helps them to understand your service more, increases their confident level and likely they will choose yours more than any other band. We truly understand these and we are ready to build a healthy community for your company.

Helpdesk – Customer Helpdesk

Your community/group clearly captured customers feedback and queries. The support team able to handle their concern all in one portal. Compare to handle queries in individual emails, it makes the customer handling process more professional and greatly improved customer confident in your services and products.

The help desk can also serve as a knowledge-base, automatically search for solution if previous customer ever asked. With that, it greatly cut down the waiting time for customer who looking for same answer and reduce support effort from product servicing team.

Helpdesk – Auto solution finder

• Helpdesk service is part of acPortal