Human Capital Management (HCM)

Employee Engagement, one of the biggest challenge for organization and it determine life or dead for corporate. A good employee bring profit; a bad employee bring you nightmares.

Hence, we delivered you a set of market proven Human Resource Management System that could streamline your operation processes and tremendously reduce administrative works. 

Here are the “ingredients” every success business need

Workforce Management

Employee Engagement

Employees are the biggest asset in an organization. An performing employee bring positive results and values that improve your ROI. A bunch of performing employees bring great cultures and positive aura to an organization. A well managed employment engagement ensure your company always on “winning-end”.

Hence, we have developed our winning-formulas into our HCM solution. HCM Workforce taking care of employees’ welfare since they onboard till off board. Facilitate HR administrators to transform operation from paper to paperless; PC/desktop to smartphone/tablets; tedious excel sheets to automated reports and dashboard.

With numerous administrative enhancements, your operation cost will be tremendously reduce.

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Leave Management

Leave Management

One of the most concern for employer, “How to track employee absence/working effectively?” It’s an expensive operation cost to maintain a leave system. 

Employee MIA (missing in action) for days without inform superior

Employee spent hours to locate manager in order to get approval for one leave request form

No visibility of colleagues whether absence/work making project arrangement hard to accomplish

Administrator spend hours or even days to trace back leave forms calculate know workers’ leave balances

All the headaches above can resolve instantly once deployed our HCM suite. Automated approval workflow, leave reports, dashboards, integrated leave calendar and much more! 

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Claim Management

Claim Management

Managing claims is not just a work. It’s art! A well planned clamming workflow lighten the administrative works and produce accurate financial reporting.

Challenges for company without proper claim system

8 hours to produce a report of Total Claim/Expenses for KLCC lightning system Project in 2018 Q1

40 days, the average waiting time for employee to claim back the $$$ after submit a claim request

Our claim product is designed with all these considerations. It simplify the jobs for employee, approver, administrator and the senior management team.

  • Employees can submit claim request anytime, anywhere
  • Approvers can approve/reject/review claim request on any smartphone or tablet
  • Administrator manages all claim requests and produce accurate financial reports without hassle
  • Senior management have all the decision critical reports right on their fingertips

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Payroll Processing


Our cloud based payroll shorten the time needed to generate accurate payslips. Administrator can process payroll anytime, anywhere and employee can access their payslip with just a smartphone on their palm.

The Payroll engine is the core of acHCM. It integrates with Leave, Claim, Time Tracking and allowances modules and make every automation possibles (e.g. Unpaid Leave, Phone Claim, Night Shift allowances, Lateness Deduction and etc.)

With so much improvements in the processes, productivity can be improve instantly!

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