Office Productivity Suite

Many businesses need to spend thousands dollar to startup and operate. It dramatically increase the business challenges and become main reason to determination success or failure of your business. Labor cost, PCs, software licenses, servers … All these recurring HUGE sum!

Why Pay More?

With AStudion Consulting, you can now worry NO MORE! We are Google Partner (Malaysia based) and bring you the most innovative office collaborative and innovative tool, Google G Suite (formerly known as Google App for Work). It’s an ALL-IN-ONE suitcase (Doc Process, Mail, Cloud Storage, File Sharing, Meeting and so much more) that most business needs. You no longer have to ask “Which software vendor best for me?” when you can own all of them with ridiculous low price. 

Google G Suite comes with over 19 enterprise ready apps
Increase productivity with powerful tools. Work seamlessly on any smart devices. Save money and time for the organization

Everything you need in one package

Connect – Reach colleagues and clients wherever they are

Create – Doubled Productivity and work seamlessly with Microsoft Office

Access – Grab your files whenever you needed

Control – Manage users, devices in secured environment

We are highly trusted by our clients because of the commitments delivered, FASTER, CHEAPER, MORE RELIABLE.